Monday, July 19, 2010

A month later

I again haven't posted much - we've driven to california and back, been sick with pink eye, sinuses and a cold (all me) gone to the dentist and the car place and spent lots of money, and joined the church that we've been attending for the last several months. No real plans at this point but the last thing kind of encourages me as it seems a touchpoint of stability.

I love summit. From the moment that I started going after the move to the apartment, I just knew it was the place I wanted to be. I could feel the presence of God and see and feel his love through his people. I've moved into new areas of worship including creative art. I've begun to dig deeper to bring about some healing in my heart by attending Celebrate Recovery (which if you don't know is not just for addicts or alcohol abusers but for all the hurts and pain trapped inside)
So yesterday we attended the membership class and when gerry signed the covenant I was thrilled. Although when I said something about it he more or less said well its where we are at right now and as long as we are living here we should be connected to a church ...... ummmm okay...... but I don't really believe him. I know him and I think its more than that. I think its a sign that God wants us to partner with him here to do great things because I see them headed this way. How fun to attend this membership class with someone named Rejoice - its almost - could be - prophetic ... so I will.

Its funny how God connects you to people ... directly or indirectly to really make you have a sense that you are not alone - I read this this morning and I thought - she's read my heart. So I will pass on this little bit for you - click on the link you may find you like the shutter sisters too.

Blue, to me, is the shocking depth of everything we don't know. It is that feeling you get when you're treading water and can't see the bottom, both enveloped and exposed. It has an overwhelming way about it, blue. It says so much. It is a constant reminder of depth.

If blue is all that, orangey-yellow is the sproing of a trampoline. It is stimulation, energy, ideas. It feels much less complex, with less layers, though it's not as simple as happiness or optimism. It's an unspoilt leaning-forward into wind.

Put together, these colours feel like what my insides are. Not that I'm saying I'm all those things. I'd never presume to personify anything other than Kate, (insert elli's name here-g) and when asked, I can't name my favourite colour.(so I say whatever color strikes my fancy at the moment-g) But these two never fail to make me opt out of conversation and immerse through the lens, chasing the why of why this particular combination plucks the basest of my strings."
from shutter sisters

hope your day is wonderful ... I think I'll go have some tea to fight this cold a bit more and then have a bit of breakfast so I can take some vitamins and immune boosters and hopefully get delivered from the runny nose achy head feeling.


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