Tuesday, August 03, 2010

and here I am

ever wonder why the thoughts that keep rattling around your head ... keep rattling around your head? Really they aren't what I want to be thinking about but for some reason I am stuck with them and much as I wish they would go away they won't.

That being said, let's go on. I stumbled back across this blog that I hadn't been to visit in a very long time. Back when I started reading Sarah Salway's blog I came across Three Beautiful Things blog and then was fortunate enough to meet the lovely Clare Grant when I went to London for the book launch of Your Messages. I had lost track of ThreeBT and only saw it again this morning when I was reading a tweet by Sarah. I'm so glad to have rediscovered it. In the past I have tried to refocus the rattling in my brain back and ThreeBT was a great help.

I think I'll post again later .... perhaps after this crankiness lifts a bit ... let me go find some beautiful things =D

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