Friday, June 18, 2010

what's going on...

I just realized I haven't been here for a while so I thought I'd update you.

We are now among the unemployed. I read a article recently in Bloomberg Businessweek that indicated that all though the fed is reporting a 9% unemployment rate if you knock out seasonal and census jobs etc the actual unemployment rate is closer to 18%. I believe its true. Everywhere from the nail salon to the grocery store if someone overhears you talking about getting laid off they will interject into your conversation that they have been unemployted for x number of months. I don't want you to think that I'm being pessimistic in my realism I'm just saying what it appears to be. I am actually kind of excited to say what's going to happen next - now if I can just get the hubby onboard. He's more than a little stressed (read cranky) and worried that there's too much to do and not enough time - and when I mention he's got nothing but time and he should relax it doesn't seem to help AT ALL.

Anyway... we are planning a trip to california - probably next week (since we've got time) and I am looking forward to that. I love the beach and here in Dallas there just isn't one close by. The apartment has been great though - Elli and I have gone swimming almost everyday (its in the plan for today)

I have managed to get a good 19" done on a scarf I'm working on - my perfectionist tendencies have been sabatoging my efforts and I've torn the thing apart 6 times (it would have been done a couple of days after I started. Becky and I are going to try selling them online to make some Christmas money and if that works well we'll keep it up to make some travel money Angel Falls here I come =D))

That's all for now <3

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