Sunday, May 30, 2010

and so it goes

I am so tired but can't sleep... Gerry and Becky are in Fl to say goodbye to Gerry's Aunt who is now on hospice. I did not make the deadline for the submission of my manuscript which makes me very, very sad and disappointed in myself but on the otherhand I have done a bit more artwork. Which I don't know if it just means I'm more scattered or other focused? I've had my own personal issues for the last several weeks and writing has been hard to get done.

Summer has arrived - as it should - this week. Elli and I have spent a bit of time at the pool Now I'm getting my tan on and despite all the medical reasons why it shouldn't I feel much prettier for being so. (Although I will admit to using sunblock which I've not been much of proponent of in the past) So I sorted through my jewelry box, put on some dangly earrings and some cute clothes and went out to the mall. Summer reminds me of all those summers of high school and college. No school and lots of time to tan, and swim and read. Its been a long time since then but the young girl inside doesn't know it and immediately starts to look for cute strappy sandals when my legs start to tan....hmmm maybe I'll pick up a pair tomorrow.

Of course any time in the pool and in the sun makes me want to be thin and beautiful so without much fanfare I've started curbing the calorie intake ... let's see how long that lasts.

that's all for now .... its 1 a.m. I think now would be a good time to go to bed.


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