Monday, May 24, 2010


Ever feel like your life is on a rollercoaster!?! Yea that's me right now. This weekend was truly amazing - every bit of firestorm was INCREDIBLE! and if I haven't mentioned it before I love love love Summit Church. As a matter of fact I think I can honestly say that most (if not all)of the ups of my rollercoaster have all been pretty much related to summit. Whether its just been an amazing Sunday or Wednesday service or getting to know the happy loving people there it has been great.

Last night I stepped out and did some creative art (how crazy is that) When I mentioned to my dh that I was thinking about doing some he suggested I start at home with some music on .... uh no

So anyway I stepped out and painted afterwards I was asked if I was an artist - i said nope hadn't ever done this before and they said ummm you should - and someone wanted to buy (are you kidding) buy my painting. Wow who would've thunk it?

Other areas of my life not so great (although I have found a new favorite restaurant) If I can just get to have church everyday life would be good...

I learned this weekend that God is good and he does good things cuz he's in a good mood and the good news is he doesn't change


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