Thursday, March 11, 2010

busy day

Elli slept til noon today ... she's not feeling well poor thing so it was good that she got some rest. I was glad she slept in though I was up bright and early. Worked on the taxes (finally) I think I was scared that somehow or other we weren't getting anything back or worse yet would have to pay it. It all worked out and we will be getting a bit of the green (hurray). I paid off gerry's truck today so you think that would make me happy, but that and a couple of other bills just did me in as I panicked over money going out. Breathe deep, relax and trust that God is in control.

I did write just a bit and I think that may be a part of my problem, we have done little to no creating lately. Its funny but I think it helps keep me centered if I am doing something creative - whether its writing or drawing or painting or something. I'm pretty sure straightening the files doesn't count as creativity although i did get a bit of that done today.

Feeling rather like an old woman tonight. My legs have been aching a bit (for several weeks now) I'm not really sure what that is all about but I'm hoping its somehting that will go away soon.

Alright then well I should be off to bed now but likely won't.

(btw I wrote this whole thing with a bit of a english accent going on in my head)

lol so I'll toodle off now


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