Saturday, March 20, 2010

rambling further then usual

We've been in sunny CA now for 24 hours. I've experienced traffic (twice) and am grateful for not having to deal with it on a regular basis anymore. But its beautiful here. We've been having fun just hanging out at Grandma Kiki's house where Elli has eaten many cookies (and candy) and has had lots of fun "helping Grandma Kiki" with watering the flowers and cooking and picking flowers and feeding the kitty's and whatever else she can talk Grandma Kiki into letting her do. Oh, she did help her make her bed this morning. Understand this involves 15 pillows and a small stool for Elli to stand on while she was helping.

This morning I made a quick trip to the eye doctor and am now trying out a pair of bifocal contact lenses (they are making me seasick shhhh don't tell). Stopped for a fish taco at Malibu Seafood but it was foggy so I couldn't see any dolphins (they used to be there all the time when I would go there for lunch when I was working at Pepperdine (I"ll have to stop again and hopefully see them)

Meeting some friends of my mom's this evening and then a quick trip to the valley (I've got to get an in & and burger)


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