Thursday, February 21, 2008

"smoke gets in your eyes"

Twila had more life in her than anyone I knew. Full of energy and joy - always. She loved the Lord. She loved Al. She loved her kids. She loved her friends. If you could sum Twila up in one sentence it would be that she loved. When I used to work at the church she would come up and pick me up and we would go to lunch. Canes and all. One of the first times I actually got to spend time with her, it was a Women's Ministries Game Night. She could name that tune in ... heck she could name every tune from the '30's on. ... I loved her. She loved me, and mine. She was particularly fond of Gerry. She would sing her songs all the time.

She taught bible study in her home for more than twenty years. She and the ladies in her book club travelled the world. When she stopped teaching, she attended the bible study in my home for a while. I miss her laugh and her rabbit trails.

She wrote her life story. She handed me the book she had self published. "What do you think it is?" She asked me. Quite frankly I didn't know how to answer because it looked a little (alot)like a breast. I stammered for a second then she laughed and said "Strawberry Jam." It was a very interesting story - very real and very clearly showed how much she loved Al and her family and how she forgave others who hurt her deeply.

In the midst of physical pain, and worry for her kids she was always real but always full of laughter. She was a mentor and a model in my life. She loved to laugh, especially at herself.

I thought it was only fitting with all the music that surrounded her to end this short tribute to her with the words from one of those songs she used to croon ...

"when a lovely flame dies smoke gets in your eyes"

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