Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the ironies of life

funny how things happen ...

I was reading this article - yes it is an article about the semicolon - no I'm not that dweeby - yes it is a really amusing piece ... I even sent an email to the author telling him how much I loved it and the hidden (well not really hidden if you are paying attention) double meanings throughout.

What first struck me when I was reading this article was this guy:

"Mr. Neches, the 55-year-old New York City Transit marketing manager, ... before graduating from Tilden High School and Brooklyn College, where he majored in English and later received a master’s degree in creative writing."

and I thought, how sad - warning lots of stereotypical generalizations ahead - here is this poor middle aged New Yawkerrr forced to work for the NY Transit Dept (imagine a dank cold office in the back of a loud smelly bus garage) with the heart of a writer trapped inside him never to be recognized for his writing abilities. But of course that's exactly what has occurred. He is lauded as "an erudite writer", his use of punctuation "impeccable", as well as having "called it a “lovely example” of proper punctuation"

hmmm ... I wonder if there are any openings over at the NY Transit department.

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