Monday, February 18, 2008

I am a writer.

So I read this:

" I found myself telling them all the stuff that I do believe, but that I regularly forget to apply to myself. Like:
1. You are a writer if you say you're a writer and if you spend your time writing. Full stop.
2. Writing is a lifestyle choice, not a "profession" in the normal (ie money making) sense of the word.
3. Loving punctuation does not make you an incredible weirdo and there are other people out there who also take great joy in discovering a well-placed comma.
4. There are lots of ways to do what we do and support ourselves while we do it -- all of which are valid (as long as they're legal, I guess).
5. If you write from your heart and to the best of your ability, you will find an audience. Even an audience of one is worth having."


and loved it so I'm posting it here to remind me ... that yes ... I am a writer (full stop_

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