Tuesday, February 12, 2008

its been a while

I'm tired and its barely 9:30 and I've about a million things I need to be doing but I'm considering just going to bed. I was asked today why I hadn't written lately and although I dodged the question the truth is I've been in a really awful mood for several days and every prompt makes me want to write unkind things (the prompt that started it all was casting your pearls before swine and I was already more than a bit peeved with the other people who live here - 'nough said. The funny thing was there's a contest and that's the prompt for it and I cam just imagine winning $1,000and having to have the people I know read it and then get upset with me because I have portrayed them in such a bad light)

I've been eating pecan brittle and almod roca for breakfast, lunch and supper for the last two days - I'm certain that hasn't been helpful for my mood.

My library books are due tomorrow - not read or certainly not completed.

I think I'll go to bed.



Kathryn said...

I hope you're feeling a bit better now, Gina.


trying to write ... said...

thanks ... the baby has been sick for a week and its been raining here ... but I think I'm starting to pull out of the slump ... even wrote a little bit yesterday morning.