Friday, January 04, 2008

The Broker by John Grisham

On the order of The Pelican Brief and The Firm, The Broker was fast moving and fun to read. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this as a movie, no doubt with Tom Cruise in the role of Joel Backman. If you are a John Grisham fan or just in the mood to escape reality for a little while this is the book. I was transported from cold northeast Texas to Italy with just the turn of a page.

I loved it - two thumbs up, 5 gold stars


norma said...

I have read this book some time ago. I have enjoyed most of John Grishamm's books.

I've been reading all of Nelson DeMille's books. some of them are hard reading... They are all long and take several days to read. The last several are excellent. Lots of intrigue.

Cathedral that I've read so far this year is about the IRA and one of the armies that hold a cathedral in New York and plant bombs and hold hostages. It's all about the 24 hours that pass during that time.

love ya

trying to write ... said...

I was a huge Robert Ludlum fan... same sort of thing ... his books were
longer as well but I loved them and so I didn't put them down until it was
over. I will certainly give Nelson DeMille a try. Thanks