Monday, December 05, 2011

Almost Christmas

Just 20 days until Christmas and then the year is gone. This one went really fast. Leading up to Christmas God has been speaking softly to me about anticipation, preparation and what it means to wait for the Lord. I've been considering what the shepherds were thinking that night before the heavenly host showed up. What was happening in the minds and the lives of the people in and around Bethlehem before Jesus suddenly arrived.

I have been in a delivery room on more than one occasion when i wasn't the one having the baby and its interesting how one moment everyone's attention is fixed on the woman struggling with the labor, the hustle and bustle of nurses and doctor's, the struggle and fears and anxiousness of it all and then suddenly there is another person in the room. All the pain and the struggle is set aside because everything is changed now. It will never be the same - the couple is now a family, a family has been increased, a world changer has arrived. In a moment everything is changed.

In my devotional this morning I read these words ‎"We need to tell the world about a God that bursts on the scene with Good News."


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