Sunday, April 18, 2010

today .... well yesterday

Its after midnight and Elli is stil awake. I keep threatening to spank her but its after midnight and I really don't want to wake the neighbors with her crying. We went to see "How to Tame Your Dragon" which was very good and made me wish I had a dragon of my own to fly around on. Then we went and took some blue bonnet pictures. I've been very out of sorts this week and I think Elli is keying off of it because all day she's been doing things she knows she shouldn't be doing. Just for one moment, you think okay now everything in my life will be ok but ummm no life doesn't work that way apparently. I won't go into any sort of detail. We all have stuff, big stuff it seems, so let's all try to rest tomorrow and perhaps things will be more managable.... or not but at least we'll be rested.

Here's a pic from our blue bonnet trip:

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Brigitte said...

This picture is gorgeous! Elli is very beautiful and full of life.