Saturday, March 06, 2010

What's going on here

We've moved into the new digs and I had them all straight for a moment but i've been working on bills so there are papers all over the floor in the 2nd bedroom and clothes everywhere in the first. The kitchen, and because its soooo small you would think I could keep it clean, but because its so small takes a moment to become a mess. But, its just elli and me right now so we will just relax and enjoy would think ... although that being said I spend way toooo much time cleaning and unpacking (still)

Yesterday was a really good day .... had some new little friends come to play with elli while I sat and had coffee with their mother, then a nap, a trip to the park and then coffee at their flat and then to church for a wonderful worship service, dinner at SNS for less then 6 dollars for the two of us, a trip to walgreens and we were home.

Just trying to keep my heart right... its too easy to not be joyful and then trouble begins.

Hope to get back to creating and art making soon.


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