Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new beginnings

Its been two years and so much has transpired but its time to pick up in the place where I know the better me is. There is deep within me an artist, a writer, a painter, a dreamer of dreams and when the burdens of life overwhelm that part of me I sink and suffocate in the mire of it all. So no more we start anew to embolden the creative side to do the things that we can either fearlessly or not but we will do them. The positive side of not having been anywhere near this blow for so long a time is there is freedom to do this and not have naysayers or even onlookers that might cause me to fear to be less free. The negative of course is that there is no accountability so it will be easier to flutter away another two years.
This morning I started my creative day book and drew a bit of flowers and butterflies. Elli loved them and even though they are a bit primitive they are, again, a start. I want to set up an easel and work on some watercolors. I am hoping to pick up the guitar this year and learn, even work on my spanish so that I can be creative in another language (haha)
This blog will simply be a diary of the day's creativeness (or so depending on how often I get here) to read some of my short writings you'll need to go to my other blog "trying to write".
Thank you for wandering in please leave a comment if you stop by, or not if you'd rather. I hope this blog encourages you to reach deep inside to the God given creativeness in yourself that is there in whatever form. God is a creative God and in forming us in his image he made us to be creative people.

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