Thursday, May 08, 2008


Its funny ... well not so funny ... but up until I knew someone was reading my stuff I just wrote ... I mean I'd think about things and yes there was always a bit of trepidation about posting something but I posted and didn't think "oh no now they'll stop reading or stopping by or whatever."

The prompt from Twitterlit brought together some thoughts that I put to post ... (that used to be put on paper) ... but I found myself concerned about posting it because of the readers that I seem to have all around the world. Ok its not millions but its a few and you shouldn't just up and offend them right? Well hopefully I didn't, but I'm not going to censure my writing just because people may not agree with how I feel ...

Its scary ... how concerned I am about what other people think about my writing ... people I don't even know ... and probably will never meet

oh well if it ends up that I'm just writing to myself ... so be it ... although I am sorely tempted to quick write some other things so this post will get lost in the midst - I'm going to resist the temptation and go to bed ... because .... its already way late!!!

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