Saturday, March 08, 2008

in her shoes

so we watched this movie tonight ... in her shoes (actually i missed great big parts so i need to go back and rewatch it)... not too far into it i gave up on it ... there didn't seem to be much there and i couldn't see the point of sitting there and wasting my time ... but there turned out to be some interesting points in it...

one of the characters was a screw up all her life and after she blew it big ... she somehow got her life on track ... i need to get my life on track ... thinking about making plans for my life and doing more than writing a few hundred words here or there ... finishing a book now and then and getting the house clean on occasion seems more than i can do right now but i've got to find some sort of way out of this pit ...

it seems that the only way out is if a great mass of butterflies will lift me out.... ie it means i need a million little pushes forward before i'll see any head way


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