Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 days now!!

so i'm really very proud of myself ... i have managed to put my 300 words a day in at your messages for the entire 10 days ... its actually been very fun and i've enjoyed the exercise ...

on the other hand i have a total of 800 or so words in for my 50,000 word novel for the month of november and i don't think there is anyway i can get that done so i'm not even trying (although the story unravels very nicely in my imagination.)

i finally got to take a shower in my bathroom after repairs have kept it unusable for the last several weeks .... not a true travesty as i have three other bathrooms to chose from i just like the one in my bathroom the best.

working my way down a mountain of laundry .... i finished a book last night and hopefully will finishe another this afternoon leaving 12 more to finish my goal for the year and i'm not certain i can get it done ... we'll see

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