Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I AM the "real" mom

     The fact that I haven't posted here in a really long time gives me some anonymity so I can just go off for a minute.  We've been having a bit of a conflict at our house as my little girl (now 7) has started throwing the "I want my REAL mom" out in the midst of conflict or even just drama.  The back story here is that she is, in fact, my granddaughter whom I have been raising since she was a month old.
    In support of every grandmother raising her grandchildren, every step mom raising her stepchildren and every adoptive mom, foster mom or whatever definition you carry let me just reassure you in your position... You are the real mom.

The real mom is there 24/7 cleaning up the messes, applauding the wins, wiping the tears, kissing the boo boos.  The real mom is the one who washes the clothes and cooks the dinners, makes sure you do your homework and brushes your teeth.  The real mom reads the stories to you, watches the movies with you and gives you a bath.  She knows your favorite foods, colors, clothes.  She gets up early in the morning and prompts you ten million times so that you get to school one more time before the bell rings.  She  packs your lunches and picks you up after school.  she takes you to the park, to the library, to the museum, to the zoo and to the doctor, the dentist and the dollar store.  She buys you medicine when you need it and toys when you don't.  she buys you new shoes and ice cream and tooth paste and umbrellas and one more coloring book even though you have 14 at home already.  She limits your screen time and your cookie consumption.  She sleeps in your bed when you are sick or when the thunder is loud.  She sacrifices everything to pray you into your destiny, encourages you  in wise choices and gives you a push in the right direction if you need it.  She will fight on your behalf and step between you and anyone who wants to hurt you.

You want the " real mom" ... You're looking at her ....this is as REAL as it gets..

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