Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello, it's been awhile....

I've not been here for a while ... actually I haven't been to any of my blogs in a couple of months (except to check stats now and again which is ridiculous becuase why would people come if there's nothing new to see). It's so easy to post on fb with my phone that I struggle to get over to the blogs. Although it's not the same and I certainly can't pour my heart out but just drop tidbits and pictures as I go. I basically twitter facebook. My plan is to rectify that however, I want to, rather I need to, get back to writing. I've let it lay dormant for far to long and with November just around the corner I feel the urge to write stirring within. If you're wondering why November does this to me, it is not because of Nanowrimo(although I have given it a try - more than once) It was Your Messages that did it to me. I don't even know how I happened upon it but I did and suddenly was driven to write those 300 words every single day in November and then was picked, and published and winging my way off to (freezing cold) London. You can read about the trip here

I wish we could do it again ... sigh... but even playing at it the next year just didn't bring the same response or reaction that I had anticipated. In any case we've moved on to other things, life has changed and we are in a different place but I do feel the urge and so along with the art, and the photography, with a little knitting and a lot of cooking thrown into the mix I intend to get back to some writing. November 1st is the day I start doing my morning pages a every day. Of course that won't be posted here but hopefully it will help to untap the wells and cause the words to begin to flow.

I'm working on gratefulness again (it's so easy to get sucked into the whole poor pity for me because I don't have this or that although the cupboards are full, I've got plenty of clothes to wear, a roof over my head and the lights are on) But I'm back reading Claire and her 3 Beautiful Things
along with the links of others on her blog.

While Gerry's been gone I've made crockpot applesauce and yogurt and with the fall weather I feel a strong urge to cook again. Not that the urge ever goes away for long it just seems to be too much trouble in this tiny kitchen. But then I don't have to haul wood to heat the stove or lug water from the well, so let's do it then shall we? Expect to see lots of delicious things showing up here and at the home of friends. It's what I love to do afterall. This article was a good reminder that food is more than sustenance for the body. (I found the link here at "Wild Honey (hold the locust)" I don't know Whitney but I'm sure we would be friends if I did)

In any case... that's the plan, more gratefulness, more writing and more cooking

Speaking of gratefulness - my three beautiful things for today:

Church was amazing today!!
Elli and I had a fun time watching the disney princesses (and there were tons of teeny tiny little princess dressed in their costumes too cute)
Dinner was DELICIOUS fish fillets, fresh asparagus and fresh broccoli.!

I plan to check back in again soon hope you will too!


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