Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Defense of Resolutions

The other night I was listenng to someone talk about resolutions and the why behind not making them. I am at heart a goal setter. I want to be somewhere - do something - make something happen. I am a resolution maker. Not just a resolution maker but a resolutions maker. I want to be be more than what I am now and I know that just bouncing along in the same place without my eyes firmly fixed on something beyond this very moment will result in my being in this same place or further behind this place with the hopes of who I might become nothing more than vague or distant dreams.
The truth is that very often - even more often than not - the goals, plans, resolutions don't quite get reached or accomplished or completed. The additional truth is I have most certainly made progress in a direction - even if its just for the moment - and that is reason enough for me to make the resolution. It is amazing what happens along the way! Just a couple of exaples One day I stumbled upon Sarah Salway's blog and then believed for a moment that I could write something that someone else thought might be worth reading. Then I determined to write 300 words for a month and suddenly I was being published and on my way to London. One day I decided to step out and paint during worship and now I'm being referred to as an artist and people are paying for my paintings.
I have big plans for the new year and with those plans come hopes and dreams of creativity and laughter and learning. I plan on making lots of resolutions, setting goals and taking small (and huge) steps forward in new directions - hope you will plan on joining me and maybe even making a few of your own!


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