Wednesday, November 24, 2010

is anybody out there? apparently so - 17,379

So this morning, or was it last night, whenever - it was late and I couldn't sleep and I was a bit whinny and my character defect of self pity was making a great deal of noise ... "nobody really cares what you have to say or create - why do you even bother to write or post things? why paint or draw or photograph?" The background story to this is its almost December which means its almost the new year and anyone who knows anything about me knows that goals and plans have been at the forefront for oh .... about 2 months. I have big plans for a daily devotional on who we are - plus photo plans - writing plans - and creating art in many forms including music and painting/drawing and who knows what and encouraging others to do so.... so it is no doubt that fears and insecurities should rise to the surface.

All of those have been put to rest - at least for the moment - I had wandered over to my writing blog (which I have only been writing at very sporadically for the last several months) and checked my map (which I did not have for the first several months) and discovered this interesting fact:

6 views in past 24 hours - 17,379 views in all time

In those times and places where I feel like I have no influence, the idea that some time during the past 3 years, more than 17,000 times, somebody happened by -either by accident while searching or deliberately because they knew me just to see what I had written - is staggering! overwhelming! even a bit scary!

So I'll be making plans for doing lots of fun stuff (at least for me)and blogging about it in the coming new year - stay tuned.... don't feel compelled to check in but if you do I'm sure glad to know that I'm not just talking to myself ;D so leave a comment and say hello! 2011 is going to be my best year ever!!!

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