Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am always so excited when I get a new bible and yesterday I got 2!!! I got a journal bible to bring with me to church and take notes (I was jealous of a guy at the conference with his IPAD and really cool bible program. This is basically performing a similar funtion) and a new study bible. I am (at least initally) excited reading the comments and notes that are in it; helps me to get a new perspective or see things in a different light ... a couple of notes from this morning's regarding Ruth:

"This love story is about King David's great-grandparents." (I knew that but it made me smile when I read it)

"Ruth shows that even in the Old Testatement era, the family of God was not limited onl to persons of the ethnic group, God chose people from nations other than Israel."

"Ruth was identified with Shavouth, The feast of pentecost"

"This story is framed by a historical prologue of Naomi's emptying and a forward looking epilogue of Naomi's 'filling'"

and finally

Elimelech's name means "My God is King." Makes me think of the story of the prodigal son. He travelled to a distant land like the prodigal son but never made it back and died in that distant country without the full blessings of the Father's House.

hope its a happy day for you!


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