Monday, September 20, 2010

shedding... what they say is true!

Stating the obvious - if you get rid of the stuff you don't use you will have room for the stuff you do use.

Now its pretty clear that that would make alot of sense but for the last 7 months I have had some things sitting out that I didn't use but every time we wanted a movie someone would have to pull out the stuff in the closet that was sitting on top of the box that the DVD's were in. Pull out the box and dig through it to find the movie we wanted to watch. But no longer .... I boxed up 17 pounds of stuff I don't use. Giving me plenty of room for our DVD's and I was able to rearrange the wires etc behind the tv cleaning up the mess of the dreaded cords (I hate cords and wires everywhere - it makes me kind of crazy) and I found the remote for the stereo that has been missing since before we moved in.

See doesn't this look pretty?


ps I didn't mention it before this weekend I also packed up and got rid of 5 pounds of books (and there's more to come ... or rather go ;D)


Hutch said...

You ever notice that when you store something away that you haven't touched in months, you need it the next day.


trying to write ... said...

lol that does seem to be true .... when it comes to tossing stuff that belongs to Gerry or the kids its even sooner than that - almost as soon as its been put in the dumpster or the trash truck is gone they will suddenly ask for that thing that has been sitting in the bottom of the closet for four years =D