Thursday, September 23, 2010

shedding - resisting the urge to not ...

It seems the hardest part of shedding for me (beyond just getting started) is resisting the urge to not shed. I have the best of intentions to just pack up that whole stack of books, that I haven't read or even looked at for the last 4-5 months that have been sitting in the corner. I pick them up to put them in a bag or box and then I think, oh I really would like to read this book and this one and this one - which of course is why I bought them in the first place. The truth;
I don't have anymore time to read them now then i did then and they aren't going to get read anytime soon so I need to just let them go. There really is no reason to take up precious space in my little apartment with them. (some of them are more persistent then others though and have lasted through three rounds of packing up books etc). The same is true for the sweatpants with bleach spots that are too short but work fine in the apartment .... ummm I just need to let them go.

I did get some (alot) of motivation by reading this article and trying to stick with these two of Rebecca's rules for shedding:

1. EVERYTHING in your house should be in perfect working order or fabulous condition and reflect the True You You’re Becoming.

2. Assess EVERY item on the above basis.


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