Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Rid of the Junk in My Life

So starting tomorrow I am going to be participating in "The Shed Project". Well I'm not paying to participate and won't be getting into all the extra stuff on Bindu's site but the idea of getting rid of a bunch of stuff that's cluttering up my apartment, my storage units and my life seemed like a good idea to me. Not to mention all that emotional baggage and some of that bodyfat (so no I don't plan on getting rid of my skinny jeans) so starting tomorrow you will begin to hear bits and pieces of my letting go process.

I've already started dealing with some of the emotional baggage (hurts, habits and hangups) at Celebrate Recovery (CR) and let me just say that has been quite a project!!! but I am already beginning to feel freer (much thanks to Lisa!). Let me just put in a little plug here for CR we will be starting on Wednesday September 22 6:00 at Summit Church - we would love for you to join us for dinner, worship, time to get to know each other and then of course coffee and dessert. Childcare is available.

So stayed tune for more pictures and prattle about all of it!

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