Monday, August 23, 2010

wow ....

you know there are those days ... when you wonder if you will ever escape out of those holes we so easily fall into ... of course that's because we fail to follow "the rule of holes. "What?" you ask. You don't know the rule of holes? It goes someing like this: if you are in a hole stop digging. Seems simple enough and yet very difficult to actually do. Its been one of those days for a myriad of reasons that I won't bore you with let's just say everytime I start to get out I fall back in (and digging steps doesn't help it just makes the hole bigger - I think if I was better at engineeromg it might help)

Today though I read this now let me tell you that I actually have met Sarah (on my trip to London) as opposed to just regularly reading her blog/twitter. I am thrilled for her and am actually excited because I think that the possibility of climbing out of a pit and doing something awesome is actually within my reach (as it is for you as well)because if people we know can do really cool and amazing stuff then we can too!

Here's hoping you aren't in a pit but if you are let me lend you a hand up so that we can go climb a mountain or something!


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