Saturday, August 07, 2010

where are we living?

I like Twitter. I like it mostly because I like to click on links and wander around the cyber world and listen in on conversations ...Now and then I'll drop a comment here or there to perhaps enter into one of those conversations, but mostly I like to just wander around and then think on what I've heard. You never know where you might end up. I say all of that to preface this:

I came upon a blog by Matthew Cheney discussing one of Neil Gaiman's books "The Sandman" I've not read this particular book although I have read others by Gaiman. I became most intrigued with this statement by Cheney

" us back in the mundane world, no glimpse of fantasy anywhere, a world between myth and dream, a respite from endless possibility and boundless imagination, where Constantine asks for a favor and gets a wish granted: relief from nightmares... "

It made me stop and think for a moment. Where am I living? In a mundane world? Why would I want to live in that place? To escape nightmares? There are days, I grant you when the nightmares seem to fill my waking hours but I want to live in a place where God's endless possibilities and imaginations (which for God are in fact great plans for our lives since he is good and his thoughts for me are good) To live outside of a place of endless possibilites in a "mundance world" would be a nightmare - that's what I think.

I just wanted to share that thought.


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