Thursday, April 08, 2010

good morning!

Its a good morning - its beautiful outside and my keyboard has arrived (I was going to sit here and wait for it until it got here but) its here so now we can go play - and go to the bank and the grocery store and get the car washed and whatever little running around we need to do today.

Dinner last night was good although the fish came out very mild (meaning a bit bland) so I would have to reccommend using some sort of flavored oil (maybe something with a bit of a kick to it to spice it up).

First you will want to boil a large pot of salted. Once the water comes to a full boil throw in about 2-3 cups chopped broccoli or 1 pound of young tender asparagus cleaned with ends removed. Cook just until tender and the color has changed to a bright green. Remove to a glass bowl and cover. Then add about 10-12 oz of Angelhair Pasta.

In a small frying pan with 2 Tbsp olive oil over med high heat. When oil is hot add 1 cup zucchini sliced in thin rounds. When browned on one side flip and add 2 cloves of garlic. When zucchini is browned on both sides toss zucchini, oil and garlic with the cooked and drained pasta. Cover until fish is done.

This the recipe that I picked up from Sprouts:

Pan Fried Tilapia with Baby Spinach (gluten free)
(Prep + Cook = 10 minutes)

4 Tilapia Filets (or any mild fish filets 1 1/2 lbs)
3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (I would reccomend a flavored oil perhaps with chiles and oregano)
1-2 cloves minced garlic (1 tsp)
9-12 oz baby spinach (I'd reccommend doubling this as it shrinks down to nothing
1 1/2 fresh lemons
Salt & Pepper

In a large skillet heat 1 Tbsp of the oil over medium heat. Add the garl and saute until fragrant but not browned - about 1 minute. Add spinach and cover, stir occasionaly until wilted 3-5 minutes. Remove from heat and keep covered. (Okay I don't like a million dirty pots so I just transferred the spinach to a glass bowl and covered it with the lid. Then cooked the Tilapia in the same pan)
In large skillet heat the remaining 2 Tbsp oil over medium high heat. Place Filets in the pan and press down ti ensure each is completely touching the pan. Cook the filets 2-3 minutes per side until lightly brown. After flipping the fish, sprinkle with half of remaining lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper (Be careful to resist the urge to turn the fish to quickly. If you try to flip it more then once it will fall apart)

It all turned out very yummy. Everything cooks very quickly so if you need to cook each component seperately you can just be sure to keep it covered. (and then maybe throw anything that cools into the microwave and nuke it for a minute.)


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