Friday, January 29, 2010

you're wondering aren't you

You're wondering aren't you about my sense of commitment and focus. I can certainly understand but I have spent a reasonable amount of time this week reading. I wrote a couple of entries on trying to write and today I did a drawing of angel's wings.

Considering we're moving in about 4 weeks and I put together 392 necklaces I think I'm doing pretty well ........... let's just cover it all in grace .... your slight falling behind in things too.

I am very excited though that it looks like I'll be moving into a small apartment in Plano next month. No really, after cleaning a 2800 sq ft house 45 minutes away from everything with 10 people in it for the last 7 months and cutting the grass on almost two acres for the last couple of years a small apartment close to everything with only 4 people in it sounds like a vacation!


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