Friday, April 21, 2006

ok .. so this might be harder than i think

ok so I had absolutely planned on updating my blog pretty close to daily but oooops couldn't quite figure out how to do that and oooops again couldn't remember my login or my password its soooo fun getting older - I apparently have used up most of my memory braincells and now am expected to somehow remember 56 passwords and logins to pay bills and manage my banking and sign in at work and sign on to different programs and update my blog.... should have saved some of those brain cells

I'm certain I'm not the only one with this dilemna but what can you do...

onto other more exciting things - its friday and I'm ready for the weekend - in my earlier days I would be excited because - PARTY!!! YEA!!! - now however the wish is for just a little more sleep .... sigh

I am feeling old today ... 46 is not that old but today I feel ancient - however during the Middle Ages 46 would have been considered ancient... so maybe I am ancient just stuck in the wrong century

anyway if you're younger and you're reading this its the weeked so PARTY!!! YEA!!!! and if not I sure hope you get some sweet sleep this weekend


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